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Main features

The devices HR are multi-channel microprocessor thermoregulators, designed for managing the heaters of the nozzles and channels on matrix with hot runner system. They are particularly developed to obtain maximum flexibility and reliability of the system, as well as for easy and a convenient customer usage. The devices are lightweight, convenient and compact.




Front panel



● Different models with up to 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 zones

● Possibility of parallel work of several HR units in order to control greater number of zones;

● Management of the zones via PID regulation with preset or adjustable parameters;

● Possibility for placement of output modules with different power;

● Option for automatic or manual control of the output for each zone;

● Possibility for automatic or manual slave the output of one zone to another zone;

● Individual setup of emergency limits for each zone.


● possibility for soft start of heating to dry out the moisture in the cold heating elements;

● simultaneous boost of temperatures of all zones after start of heating (warm up);

● possibility for auto slaving of output of one zone to another in case of temperature sensor failure;

● constant diagnostics for: wrong parameters, temperature sensor failure, non heating or overheating of a zone, exceeding of the maximum temperature, temperature out of the set limits, overheating of output modules;

● storing of the parameters in nonvolatile FLASH memory;

● protection against change of parameters by a password;

● low EMI level through usage of zero-crossing triacs;

● protection against output failure (in case of short circuit in heaters) by fast fuses for each zone;

● protection against overheating of the matrix (in case of short circuit in output), by disconnecting the power supply with built-in contactor.


● digital and navigation keyboard, and 4 x 20 OLED display for setting of the parameters;

● bright 3-digit 7-segment indication on each zone for remote monitoring of the temperatures;

● two LEDs on each channel for indicating the output and error;

● common LED for indicating that temperatures of all zones are within settings limits;

● simple menus on 'operator’ level;

● independent keys for simultaneous start, stop, temperature BOOST or STANDBY in all zones;

● possibility for individual or group setting of parameters;

● possibility for storing of 10 settings of all parameters for quick presetting when changing the matrixes;

● built-in settings of PID parameters for two types of zones – ‘manifold’ and ‘nozzle’.

● easy replacement of zone fuses from the front panel.



● availability of external digital input adjustable as ‘start/stop’, ‘decrease’ or ‘increase’ for control from output of other devices;

● availability of external relay output, adjustable as: ‘switched on’, ‘switched off’, ‘alarm’ or ‘temperatures OK’ for signalization to other devices;


Technical specifications

Main characteristics


Power supply

3x400 VAC +N+G


30 VA max..

Dimensions (w, h, d)

492mm х 168mm х 392mm



Operating conditions

0-45 ºC / 0-70% RH without condens


HD 16 or 24 pin

Sensor inputs



-TC type J - 99ºC to 750 ºC

-TC type K - 99ºC to 500 ºC

Measurement error

±0,2 %

Ambient temperature error

± 0,5 ºC max.

Sensor resistance

50 Ohm max

Measurement interval

1 sec

Cold junction compensation


Measurement resolution

16 bits



Output switching element

zero-crossing triac

Output voltage

230 VAC nom

Output Current for different types
of output modules

4 А or 16 А

Serial interface


Physical level





9600 or 38400 bps

Number of nodes

31 max


Output modules

● 8 outputs for 4A

● 4 outputs for 16A

In each device can be placed up to four output modules.

The ability to place multiple types of modules allows to cover
the requirements for different output powers.










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